How to mix wood paint on the correct color

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How to mix wood paint on the correct color

Choosing paint colors, preparing paint and essential supplies for the painting process play an important role in making beautiful wood products as you desire. However, do you know how to mix paint colors correctly? If you haven't or are still wondering, please follow the information we share in the article below:

1. Why is it important to mix paint colors correctly?

The mixing of paint colors is extremely important, requiring careful attention to achieve satisfactory quality. Before proceeding to mix paint colors, you need to master the basic information about popular paint colors.

- Paint has 02 important color systems: transparent system and covering system. According to experts, according to the color chemistry of paints, there are two basic groups: inorganic paint colors and organic paint colors.

- Paint color is characterized by low light absorption measured (400:700 nm). Usually, paint has only 1 main color such as: white, red, black, yellow, blue, green.

From the above basic paint colors, painters and professionals can combine, mix and create many new and vivid colors suitable for the requirements of beautifying and decorating products in each category. different spatial shapes.

2. Basic paint color mixing operations

Before preparing to mix paint colors for wood, it is necessary to carefully consider the color of the reference sample to increase or decrease a certain main color, the newly mixed paint color will meet the standards, quality and ensure the standard color. exactly as the criteria you want and have set from the beginning. The colors have been selected, when mixed together, it is necessary to stir well to form a homogeneous mixture - so that when the paint color is applied evenly, avoid the case that the color is not as expected, dark spots, pale or patchy places, loss of aesthetics.

When mixing paint colors, you do not have to follow the exact percentage formula according to the instructions, but can flexibly increase or decrease to achieve the right color. This requires people who are sophisticated or have experience in painting and mixing new paint colors to perform well. If you are just a "hands-on", choose the safe way to mix colors in the correct ratio so that when the paint is painted on the wooden surface, it still ensures the color, clarity and beauty you want.

In case the paint color does not meet the standard viscosity, it is necessary to add more solvent to reach the viscosity standard. It is recommended to use a viscometer cup, also known as a viscosity measuring funnel, to measure appropriately, and then proceed to color mixing. After mixing the color, it is necessary to test paint on a small area of ​​wood, if the paint color achieves the desired color uniformity, please proceed to paint the product in batches.

It can be seen that the standard paint color mixing is an important key to deciding the beauty of wooden products in the interior and exterior space of your family. The mixing of paint colors requires precision, meticulousness and care to achieve the desired product quality. Through this article, we hope that you can mix the right paint color to achieve the highest quality product.

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