Notes when painting wooden furniture

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Notes when painting wooden furniture

The demand for wooden furniture is increasing day by day, so the wood furniture painting techniques are constantly being changed and improved to bring better product quality. However, regardless of the painting method, if you ignore a few notes when painting wooden furniture, the finished product will hardly be as beautiful as you want it to be. Please take a look at the article below to understand these notes:

1. What is the role of wood paint?

If the furniture does not have a variety of colors, the customer's choice will be greatly reduced. Each customer will have different product color needs. Today's wooden furniture products have put on a wide variety of colors, extremely vivid. Users are also easily free to choose for themselves furniture with colors that match the paint color of their room or house.

In addition to helping wood products have a more vivid exterior beauty, wood paint also contributes to keeping the product's durability, avoiding warping of the product. Originally, wooden products are often warped when the weather outside changes, but thanks to the top layer of wood paint, it has covered the "defects" of the wood surface after processing. It helps the surface of the painted product to be even, more glossy with a long time of use, the paint surface is not cracked.

2. Notes when painting wooden furniture

Painting home furniture by yourself seems complicated, but if you have some basic knowledge, it will make the job very simple. Your first job is: choose the right paint for your product. To do this well, you must have specific requirements for your own products such as gloss, matte, whether your wood products are natural or industrial to choose more easily. Besides, in the process of painting you should know the following factors:

Normally, for self-painting in the family, a paint brush is the most suitable choice for you. For example, if you want to re-apply a thin layer of paint to the product, you must use a brush.

- Brush roller with sponge when painting on flat surfaces will bring smoothness and ease of use.

- Soft cotton paint brushes are extremely spacious because they hold a lot of paint and quickly smooth the surface of the wall.

When using a paint brush, you must pay attention: the paint brush must be cleaned before use because if the brush is attached with dirt, the wood paint will not be smooth, even these dirt will be very dirty. difficult to remove from the painted surface. After painting, soak the water-based paint brush with warm soapy water to prevent the brush from hardening and easy to use for the next time.

In addition, you need to carefully read the instructions on the paint box to determine the time it takes for the paint to dry, then proceed to the next water-based paint - this will make your wood products achieve the same color. Color and quality as expected.

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