Things to keep in mind when choosing house paint

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Things to keep in mind when choosing house paint

Choosing a house paint color is very important because it determines the appearance of the whole family's house. If you do not know how to choose paint or make an unnecessary mistake in choosing a paint color, your house will lose its beauty. Choosing the right paint for your home is not an easy task. There are many people who make unnecessary mistakes, making the house lose its beauty even though it has just been painted. Avoid mistakes in choosing house paint colors below to gain more experience in beautifying your home.

Using light-colored water for house paint is not the right way

If you choose a good light-colored layer, it will help paint the color, significantly reducing dullness as well as mold. Similar to choosing paint, before deciding to choose light water, you should carefully consult the quality and related parameters.

Lost in the "forest" of the house paint palette

Currently there are more than 8,000 different paint colors on the market. Having so many paint colors will make it difficult for homeowners to choose the right house paint color. You need to avoid the following two situations: Choose 1, 2 colors haphazardly so that you don't have to choose anymore or choose all your favorite paint colors. The principle of "more is better" is not always appropriate, especially when you use too many paint colors in one space. This is the cause of losing the inherent peace of the house. Homeowners should pay attention to the main paint color to mix the right amount of paint.

If the homeowner chooses too few colors, it will make the house monotonous and lifeless. And if you choose all the favorite seasons, the house is easy to become a chameleon. Not to mention, the homeowner also spent a large amount of money because a lot of unused paint was left over. The color palette works to help customers visualize the house after painting. In the same room, you should only paint 1 or 2 colors. To reduce the feeling of duplication, homeowners can decorate the interior with textures that match the space.

Random house paint color scheme according to your preference

Surely everyone wants to have their favorite color in the house. That's why many homeowners have made the mistake of choosing the color of the house paint according to their preferences. For example, the homeowner's favorite colors are: red, yellow, orange, etc. But note, do not use all house paint colors for the house because those colorful colors easily create a feeling of restlessness. mind, causing anxiety for everyone in the house.

Need to pay more attention, it is necessary to pay attention to feng shui and five elements when choosing house paint colors. If the homeowner has a Wood network, but the house is full of Fire colors, it will reduce vitality, health, and work. Besides, if the house has many people living together, choosing the color according to the preferences of each member will be a long story without an end. Even when a color has been agreed, it is easy to argue which color to paint at any position.

Choosing a house paint color takes away the resting space of the eyes

You should reduce the gaps with deep colors even if you like the way to find the balance for the eyes. Combine large spaces with simple details to harmonize with the surrounding space and members' preferences.

Choose house paint color but don't pay attention to light

Paint colors will be most realistic when there is natural light. Therefore, before choosing a house paint color, you should test it on a sample or take a sticker of the same color and place it in the surrounding space under the right light. You can also ask experienced people in the field of interior design consulting.

People naturally prefer bright or deep colors. But you need to pay attention to the color selection, avoid choosing too bright colors. Because, when combining too bright colors with some lamps, it can affect vision.

Choosing a house paint color is too safe

Many people do not dare to choose their favorite paint color for fear of the difference. Although they like to have a red kitchen and blue living room, they choose deep colors because they are used by many people. Homeowners will avoid unnecessary mistakes when choosing a safe but invisible color, they have taken away comfort after hours of tiring and stressful work.

Paint the house without polishing every corner

If you choose a neutral or bright color that matches the paint in the house, the remaining gaps will not affect the entire beauty of the space too much. However, standing from a certain location, the guests can easily see the missed tracks. Therefore, it is necessary to refine every corner of the house to make your living space more perfect.

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