Basic mistakes when painting wooden furniture yourself that you should avoid

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Basic mistakes when painting wooden furniture yourself that you should avoid

Being able to manually paint the interior and exterior of your home will help you unleash your creativity and save money. However, tinkering with wood furniture sometimes does not bring satisfactory products. Surely, you will also be disappointed when the end of the painting process is not smooth, the color is uneven… So today we will point out some basic mistakes when painting wooden furniture by yourself. as follows:

1. Mistake 1: Underestimating wood surface polishing

Many sources of information often advise that: you should not smooth, indigo the wood surface to be painted. Or many paints often advertise that: without sanding, their primer can still beautify the wood surface quickly and effectively.

However, this is completely wrong - because sanding the wood surface is an important factor in giving furniture a smooth paint finish. Be careful, do not scrub too hard and for too long (can thin the surface and cause protrusions, making your furniture worse), just sand a little so that the primer can stick to the wood. .

In addition, when choosing sandpaper, you should not choose a type with a thick layer of sandpaper, because this will not be good for your wood products.

2. Mistake 2: Not removing the dirt of the wooden surface before painting

This is a mistake that many people ignore. Dirt clinging to the wood surface will cause unsightly, making your paint layer not as smooth as desired. Therefore, in order to get really good wood-painted surfaces, before painting, you should use a soft cloth to clean thoroughly for interior and exterior wood products, this helps the paint stick. stronger and has a smooth finish after finishing. Note: The use of paper towels is not recommended in removing dirt.

3. Mistake 3: Not using primer for wooden products

Not using primer for interior and exterior wooden furniture not only causes unsightly products but also reduces their lifespan. Therefore, you should buy a primer, use a roller to apply 1 coat of primer on the surface of the furniture and a small brush to paint in areas that are hard to reach with the roller. Let the paint dry according to the instructions on the package.

When the paint is completely dry, use sandpaper to smooth out any blisters or paint that was left in the primer during the priming process, and wipe the surface again with a soft cloth.

4. Mistake 4: Not paying attention to every little detail when painting wood

When painting, coating or polishing wooden furniture, you should pay attention and pay attention to every little detail to get a really satisfactory product. When painting, you should use a small roller to paint 3 layers of paint on the wooden surface. After about 6-8 hours, you just proceed to apply the next layer of paint when the previous layer of wood paint has dried.

It is important in this process that you get rid of any paint bubbles or paint that is clumped on the surface of the furniture. Before polishing the furniture in the final step, use a piece of sandpaper and a fresh cloth to remove these imperfections. Use new pieces of cloth instead of old ones that can get dirty and make the surface not smooth.

5. Mistake Fifth: Not using glossy paint for furniture products

Glossy paint not only makes wooden furniture more beautiful, but also helps them retain the durability you want. Therefore, you should use a new paint roller to apply a clear coat of paint to the woodwork. Make sure you ride the roller gently, as paint bubbles can appear when you roll the roller too fast. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you use the product more than 72 hours before - after painting.

Hopefully, with useful information about some common mistakes when manually painting wood that we have just shared above, along with reasonable and quick solutions, you will know how to create durable wooden products as I wanted. Good luck!

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