How to remove PU paint on wooden furniture simply and effectively

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How to remove PU paint on wooden furniture simply and effectively

PU paint stains on wooden furniture such as file cabinets, desks ... are stains that make many people very afraid because the paint often sticks and sticks firmly to the wooden surface. At this point, how to remove stains without damaging the wooden surface is a way not everyone knows.

PU paint often sticks very firmly to the wood surface, so it is difficult to clean. Here are some simple and effective ways to remove PU paint on wooden surfaces that have been successfully applied by many people:

1. Use paint remover

This method is applied to stubborn paint stains on wooden surfaces that need careful cleaning, such as the surface of industrial wood file cabinets. When removing paint, if not careful, it may scratch or peel off the melanine coating or the outer veneer coating of the product.

To remove paint stains, you first need to use a broom or rag to clean the wood surface to be painted, remove dust, stains, and things that are clinging to the wood furniture to clean. Then, use a paint remover to remove the old PU coating with a pressure sprayer. This way is very simple and fast.

But in many cases, if you can't find a specialized paint remover, you can apply the following ways.

2. Use vinegar to remove PU paint on wooden surface

You can make a mixture of ¼ vinegar and ¾ water. Then, apply this solution to the painted wood surface and then wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in concentrated tea a few times. In this way, the stubborn paint will not only disappear quickly, but the wooden furniture will be noticeably brighter. This divine solution also works to clean long-term stains on wooden furniture. This is a simple and effective way to make it, but the price is very cheap, the ingredients are extremely easy to find.

3. Use cow's milk to get rid of the paint smell

With some types of PU painted filing cabinets, the initial smell is quite unpleasant. You can easily get rid of this paint smell by doing the following: boil cow's milk, then pour a plate or bowl into a freshly painted cabinet, and close the door. You leave it like that after about 5 hours, the paint smell will be gone.

4. Use gasoline to remove PU paint stains on wood

PU paint stains on wood will be easily removed by using a towel soaked in a little perfume and wiping the paint spot. Just a few wipes will clean all the paint stains without affecting the wood surface, not scratching anything. This is the way many people apply in their daily life. Gasoline has the ability to remove paint stains up to 95%.

5. Remove PU paint stains with all-purpose cleaner

Multi-purpose bleach is commonly used in the kitchen of every family. They have the effect of removing long-standing stains on kitchen utensils in general. Besides, the multi-purpose eraser cream also works to remove paint stains on desks and wooden file cabinets very effectively.

You just need to do it by: mix the cream with a little water, then use a pad to scrub the floor and then rub it gently on the areas that are covered with paint. If after 1 time it is still not clean, you should wait for about 3 minutes and then continue to add the second cream and rub again until the paint stains come off.

6. Remove paint with sandpaper

Sandpaper is also an effective tool for removing paint stains. However, sandpaper should be used to remove paint on floors covered with smooth and flat tiles. If you remove paint on a wooden surface, you need to consider it, move gently so as not to peel off the coating of the wood surface.

7. Clean PU paint stains with hot water

Using hot water is the simplest way to remove paint stains from wood surfaces. This is considered the simplest and cheapest way to clean paint stains. The hot water will melt the paint and make it easier to remove the paint. However, with this method you also need to be careful. With products such as industrial wood file cabinets, wetting the surface with water if not careful can make the wood material absorb water and expand. Only apply this method to small paint stains on the surface.

8. Use cooking oil to remove paint stains

Using cooking oil is an extremely simple and effective way to remove paint. Method: you just need to add a few drops of cooking oil to the white beeswax, then keep it in a water bath until the wax melts into the oil. Take this mixture and rub it vigorously on the paint stain, the stains are quickly blown away, returning the original smooth wooden surface.

9. Use beer to clean paint stains

With light paint stains, you can take a soft cloth soaked in beer or paraffine oil and rub it on the wood to remove stains. Note that before removing the paint stain, you should use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface.

With the above simple steps, you can quickly remove the PU paint stains caused by negligence that adhere to the surface of furniture, file cabinets or on the surface of your desk effectively without any problems. and it's not costly.

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