What paint should I use to paint the best wood?

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What paint should I use to paint the best wood?

Learning what paint to use to paint wood will help you make the most accurate choice to ensure the perfect durability and aesthetic value for the wooden furniture in your home.

Wooden furniture has long become familiar and very popular with Vietnamese families because of its luxurious, cozy beauty and high durability. However, unlike utensils made of other materials, wooden furniture is often much more difficult to maintain and is very susceptible to the impact and influence of the environment and weather. Therefore, when using natural wood furniture products, people will often paint on the wood a layer of paint to both help the wood become more beautiful, keep the color durable as well as help preserve the quality of the product. But the problem is that many consumers wonder what paint to use to best paint wood to help protect their family's items. And to solve this problem, let's follow the article below.

Why is it necessary to paint wooden furniture?

It can be seen that wooden furniture has long become a very familiar name in today's interior design because of its outstanding features. However, besides the high aesthetic value and quality, this product line has a main limitation that is susceptible to mold, rot and termites due to the influence of the environment. And to overcome this problem and improve the value and protection of wood, manufacturers have applied a layer of paint to the wood surface as a layer to protect wood from environmental factors and also help create Perfect aesthetic effect for the products.

Therefore, it can be seen that wood paint is an item that plays an indispensable role in the production and construction process of wooden furniture today. Accordingly, in practice, in order to protect wooden furniture in the most perfect way, it requires you to have good quality to resist adhesion, moisture, mold and water effectively. But to ensure good wood quality, it requires you to base on many different factors. So what paint should be used to paint the best wood?

What paint should be used to paint the best wood?

Currently, on the market, there are many different types of coating products for wooden furniture. Therefore, in order to know what paint should be used to paint the best wood, it requires you to delve into the pros and cons of each of these types. And here are the characteristics of some common coatings today that you can refer to:

1. PU coating

This is a paint line consisting of the main components: color crystals, stone powder solution and industrial gasoline. This paint is very suitable for interior products such as: kitchen cabinets, beds, cabinets, stair railings, ...

Advantages of PU paint

- PU paint has good adhesion, good flexural strength and high hardness as well as high solid content, does not fade, moisture-proof and water-resistant, so it is very suitable for the climatic conditions of Vietnam.

- It has good gloss, fresh color and still retains the natural veins of the wood grain.

- Paint has many different types so you can choose the product line that best suits your needs.

However, Pu paint has a disadvantage that its ability to withstand the influence of weather conditions such as sunshine and rain is not high (but still higher than oil paint).

2. Oil paint

Oil paint is a type of paint that is specifically designed for wood and has many outstanding properties. If PU paint is suitable for interior products such as beds, cabinets, railings, oil paint is very suitable for wooden doors.

Advantages of oil paint

- Unlike PU coating, oil paint has a lighter gloss but is resistant to harsh weather conditions as well as relatively high durability.

- Very easy to clean when dirty

- Can minimize damage to the product when it is bumped

However, a limitation of oil paint is that after a period of use, it often appears peeling and separating layers. Moreover, it also has a very strong smell, so in terms of user safety and environmental friendliness, it cannot be compared with PU paint.

3. Nitrocellulose Lacquer (NC) Wood Paint

This is a line of synthetic paints with high quality and convenience for interior wood products.

Advantages of NC paint:

- Bright, glossy paint color with good flexural strength

- Paint has very good adhesion, does not crack

- Simple and easy operation and construction process

However, this paint line has not high hardness and is easily discolored when exposed to direct sunlight and easily peeled off when subjected to strong external forces.

4. Vinyl paint

This is a paint commonly used in industrial paint lines and is often used as a primer and coating on wood and metal surfaces.

Advantages of vinyl paint

- Paint dries quickly and has good yellowing resistance

- Good adhesion and flexural strength

- Good resistance to ultraviolet rays

Although the Vinyl paint line can overcome the advantages of conventional NC paint, it has a much higher cost than the NC paint system.

5. Paint Varnish

Varnish is a mixture of "ant wings" soaked in alcohol at 90 degrees for about 24 hours to dissolve into a solution with a light brown color and iridescent veins. And varnish is often used in surface coating in interior decoration when there is no PE or PU coating technology.

Advantages of varnish

- Low price, suitable for the budget of many families

- Suitable for traditional furniture with natural wood materials

Paint colors can create gloss to help enhance the natural beauty of the space.

However, varnish paint is usually quite limited in color with cockroach wings and mahogany brown. At the same time, this paint line is very fast to fade and it is difficult to go through many stages in construction.


Thus, the above article has helped people find some popular paint lines today to give the most objective answer to the question "What paint should I use to paint the best wood". However, no matter which paint you choose, it will have its own pros and cons, so as long as you know how to fix it, everything will be better.

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